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2024-2025 Board Members

If you are interested in a position email

Executive Board Positions


Mai Nealy

Vice President

Open Position

Admin Treasurer

Denise Davis

Charitable Treasurer

Denise Davis


Marielle Tassinari


Michelle Picklesimer

Advisor 1

Kristy Durso

Advisor 2

Open Position

Joint Board Positions

Director of Communications

Sydney Boom

Generates publicity for LSC monthly functions, fundraisers, and all general LSC advertisements.  Creates all engagement posts for the public page.  Update LSC website regularly with upcoming club functions, meetings, and events.  Moderates all forums.

Director of Scholarships


Manage all scholarship programs including application and selection processes, with assistance of committee.  Arrange any award ceremonies needed for this program.

Director of Charitable Outreach


Submit a report to the joint board of worthwhile projects and present board recommendations to general membership.  Submit a report of request for funds as they are received.  Chair any charitable events put on by the LSC.  Maintains relationship with Blue Skies Liaison.

Director of Fundraising and Resources


Be responsible for planning fundraising projects to help meet the fiscal administrative funding budget of the LSC.  Obtain required approval for on base fundraising projects through the private orgs office.  Oversee, plan, and collect all donations for the LSC events.  Be responsible for tracking and storing all donations as received and given out.

Director of Hospitality

Kendra Holzscherer

Plan theme, activity, and decorate for monthly socials and special events as directed by the executive board.  Coordinate RSVP's for all socials and put together monthly door prizes if the budget allows.

Membership Director

Kendra Holzscherer

Plan the annual membership drive. Create and maintain a membership directory of all club members. Report to the club new births, illnesses and deaths of members or immediate family. Celebrate birthdays by sending a card to the member. Keep attendance records and input volunteer hours into a database for members.

Director of Photography and Publications

Sydney Boom

Be responsible for taking pictures at all club activities.  Maintain an album, in chronological order, containing photos and other materials relative to activities of the LSC.  Publish Club newsletter. 

Director of Thrift Shop Relations

Elizabeth Godsey

Serves as a liaison between the Thrift Shop and the LSC. Works with the shop managers to help coordinate volunteers for the thrift shop. Plans the volunteer appreciation events for the thrift shop Volunteers.

Blue Skies Liaison

Lee Wells

Serves as a liaison between the Air Force Villages Retirement Community and LSC. Works with the Membership Director to plan a membership drive for the Blue Skies Residents. Works with the Director of Charitable Outreach to coordinate volunteer opportunities with Blue Skies.

Director of Social Clubs

Kendra Holzscherer

Oversee all social clubs the LSC supports and actively communicates with social club leaders.  Assist leaders of individual clubs as needed.

Social Clubs Leaders

Breakfast Club - Michelle Picklesimer

Wine Club Chair - Melissa Stefos

Wine Club Co-Chair -Melissa Schumacher

Book Club - Vacant

Craft Club - Vacant

Cooking Club - Vacant

Playgroup Club - Vacant

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